CGMA students have been given a book of 20 tickets. They are being asked to sell these tickets to family and friends. Please bring the tickets back to school ASAP. Additional tickets will be sold on draw night (Thursday December 20th.)


Rainy Day Basket #1

This basket contains board games, cards, dominoes, stickers, puzzles and snacks/treats. $10 apple gift card. Everything for a lovely night in. Approx. value $300

Holiday Baking Basket #2


This basket includes everything for the holiday baker. Including oven glove, egg beater/mixer, spatula, copper whisk, cake pan, cookie stamp, funnels, grater, and various mixes. Approx. value $250


Movie Basket #3

This basket contains movie passes for 2 adults and 1 child plus concession coupons, blanket, movies, Cineplex gift card $60, Netflix gift card $45. ITunes gift card $10, and a whole bunch of snacks to share. Approx. value $400